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Answers to your questions about this blog.
  • Q. Which CMS (content management system) does this blog use?
    A. This blog uses Google's Blogger.

  • Q. Which template (theme) does this blog use?
    A. This blog uses my own custom template, Ritchey Plain Blog Template. It is not publicly available :(.

  • Q. Why isn't my comment showing up?
    A. All comments are moderated before they are made public. If your comment isn't showing up, I either have not read your comment yet (sometimes it takes me a while), or I deleted your comment. Some things to consider: Was your comment  spammy? Did your comment violate Canadian law? Was your comment offensive?

  • Q. I want to download X, but the link is dead?
    A. If you find a dead download link, post a comment on that post stating, "the link is dead". Sooner or later I'll see the comment, and know to add a new link (if possible).

  • Q. I want to use X, but under a different license than you've provided. Will you re-license it for me under license Y?
    A. If the work is under an older license that I'm not using anymore, I will almost certainly be happy to make it available under what-ever license I'm currently releasing works under. If you need it under some other license, it's less likely I'd be will be willing to do so, but you're welcome to ask.

    If you have a question which isn't answered, you can post it in the comment area below.

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