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Keep It Simple Stupid

The lack of an easy to use quick to learn programming language prevents most people from truely participating in the open source community

ReactOS Is A Second Chance

ReactOS will never be able to substitute for Windows, because it lags too far behind in development.

Listening To Austra While Driving

Listening to anything by Austra while driving makes me feel like I'm in a car commercial that's trying to sell something sporty to millennials.

Driving Fast

Drive fast, you get a ticket. Drive slow, you get more time to listen to your music.

This Generations' Obsession With GIFs

I'm pretty sure this generations' obsession with GIFs is all because of the moving pictures in the Harry Potter series.

Bee Movie Alternative Description

When a women and a bee form an unlikely relationship, producers realize they're getting dangerously close to making a children's movie about bestiality

Listening To Music

Me: *listening to music*

NSA: "Jesus fuck this guy has great taste."

2019 Hopes

Can 2019 please be the year we stop using squirrel voices in songs?
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