Using Sunscreens With An SPF above 30+?

An SPF rating higher than 30+ provides only slightly stronger protection against UVB, but it does provide significantly longer protection (keep in mind the SPF rating only applies to UVB, and the UVA protection of this product may not be longer).
However, most people don't adequately apply sunscreen, and many engage in activities where sunscreen is quickly removed. This reduces the likely hood of them benefiting from an SPF above 30+. It can even put them at greater risk since they may expose themselves longer, not realizing the sunscreen has come off, or that they've missed spots. All of the above suggests there's little point in using an SPF above 30+, until you factor in that many products do not meet their SPF claims, and that even if they do there is a difference between lab tests and the real world. Buying a higher SPF gives you better odds of getting something that is at least SPF30+.

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