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Is There Life On Enceladus (One of Saturn's Moons)?

Water, energy, and organic molecules are the key ingredients for creating life from non-living material in a process called Abiogenesis. Enceladus has hydro thermal vents which emit plumes of material into space, and researchers have found some of this material to be compounds bearing nitrogen and oxygen. Similar compounds are known to play a role in producing amino acids which, are the basis of known life.

Why Sliding Doors Are Better Than Hinged Doors

- A sliding door takes up less space than a hinged door, because you don't have to leave room for it to swing open.

Why Blogger Is Better Than Wordpress.com

Both Wordpress.com and Blogger provide a free subdomain for your blog, but if you want to use a custom domain (meaning a domain you've purchased elsewhere such as "example.com") Wordpress.com requires you to upgrade

Why Wordpress.com Is Better Than Blogger

Both Blogger, and Wordpress.com have official themes you can install, but Blogger's are very dated looking. If you want thirdparty themes you can install them directly through Wordpress.com. Blogger on the other requires you to search the net

How To Handle A Bear Encounter

Start by identifying the type of bear it is (eg: is it a black bear, or a grizzly bear?), because different types need to be handled differently.

Using Sunscreens With An SPF above 30+?

An SPF rating higher than 30+ provides only slightly stronger protection against UVB, but it does provide significantly longer protection (keep in mind the SPF rating only applies to UVB, and the UVA protection of this product may not be longer).

TL;DR Snap, Flatpak, And AppImage

The hard part about creating cross-distro application packages for GNU/Linux is dealing with dependences. You don't want to include an entire operating system in each package just to satisfy them, but depending on software provided by the host is complicated because not all distros have the same default software. Even if they do,

Take A Deep Breath Description

Take A Deep Breath is an internet meme consisting of a portrait of actress Kelly J. Seo. The image originated from

First Time Description

First Time is an internet meme derived from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (a western movie). It is used to
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