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Ready or Not (2019) Could Have Been This Generation's Jumanji (1995)

Warning! Spoilers! Ready or Not (2019) reminds me very much of Jumanji (1995). It's about a game with frightening consequences, tells an interesting story rooted in history, and there is interesting character growth. Jumanji was a big deal when I was growing up, and it remains one of my favourite movies to this day. It's one of those especially noteworthy movies that is more than entertainment. Ready or Not technically has nothing to do with the Jumanji franchise, but I feel it had the potential to be the current generation's Jumanji, and equally good in its own way.

I Had Several Nightmares Last Night

I had several nightmares last night, but the worst was about tarantulas. I dreamt that my house had a bunch of tarantulas in it, and I'd managed to collect them all into a well contained bag in the bathroom. At this point, for some reason I thought it would be a smashing idea to release them in a room in the basement as a prank.

Referring To Linux Operating Systems As Linux VS GNU/Linux VS GNU+Linux VS GNU-Linux

Over the years there has been something of a debate by the gnulinux community on which term is best. Like most people, when I first entered the world of linux operating systems, I used the term Linux to refer to operating systems comprised of GNU (a system), and Linux (a kernel).

Changing 007's Gender or Race

The problem with changing a product is that customers who had the old one remember the old one which, means your new product has to be better, or it will be met with disapproval.

Windows 10 1909 Has No Local Account Option

In the past, when installing Windows 10 you could choose to use a Microsoft Account, or create a local account. Though, the local account option was very well hidden, and you had to be careful of trickery designed to jump you back into the process of getting a Microsoft Account.

Did The Subjects In The Russian Sleep Experiement Develop Morvan's Syndrome?

The Russian Sleep Experiment is a creepypasta (copy/pasted creepy short story or anicdote). Many people have questioned whether it's just a story, or if it actually happened. The subjects in the story successfully stayed awake for 15 days which exceeds the world record of 11 days set in 1965 (excluding those with Morvan's syndrom).

Science Proves

"Science proves!"...lemme stop you right there. Science doesn't PROVE anything. Research yields data, and from that data we can draw reasonable conclusions

My Favourite Chips Y2019M82D21

A list of my favourite chips, in order.

- Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips
- Doritos Nachos

My Favourite Shows Y2019M8D21

A list of my favourite shows. The list is not in any particular order, because it would be near impossible to decide.

- Numb3rs
- Star Trek: Voyager
- Lost

My Favourite Movies Y2019M8D21

This is a list of my favourite movies. It is not in any particular order. I had enough trouble just putting the list together period so, ranking them just isn't going to happen.

- Dragonfly
- Pride & Prejudice

Christopher Robin Review

Christopher Robin has a great premise, and a worthy message. However the implemenation re-imagines the characters somewhat compared to past Disney films in both a physical sense, and in terms of their personalities.

Does the Dell Precision T5500 support 144GB of RAM?

According to the manual the Dell Precision T5500 supports a maximum of 72GB of RAM, but this machine was released before 16GB dimms existed. The 72GB max is from using nine 8GB dimms. The manual does hint, in a statement about dimm height, that 16GB dimms may work in the system, when released. This raises the question, if two CPUs are installed and they support 144GB of RAM, would this machine work with greater than 72GB of RAM? Could it be maxed out with nine 16GB dimms to 144GB of RAM?

My Favourite Movies Y2019M7D2

This is a list of my favourite movies. It is not in any particular order. I had enough trouble just putting the list together period so, ranking them just isn't going to happen.

  • Dragonfly
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • The Village

Suspiciously Positive Reviews For Pokemon Detective Pikachu On IMDB

Today I perused the IMDB entry for Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Don't ask me how I ended up there. The first review displayed was by "jakefellows", and it gave the movie 10 out of 10 stars. This seems fishy to me given how much criticism the movie has been getting online.

Riker Sits Weird

William Riker is a character on Star Trek The Next Generation. Apparently he sits weird, and it's been named the "Riker Chair Maneuver". I never noticed it while watching the series, but

Snakes In Prince George

In my entire life I've only ever seen three snakes in my home town of Prince George. The first time was a young boy. I found a garter snake in the yard. I was astonished, because I didn't think we had snakes this far north. The only reason I recognized it as a garter snake (assuming I identified it correctly :P) was because I had seen large packs of them before while traveling.

Nut Free Schools

I was shopping at Walmart today, and this woman and her kids grabbed some granola bars off an end. As they were putting them into the basket the mom says, "These will be great snacks for the afternoon, but not for taking to school, okay?"

Android Apps Update Way Too Often

One thing I've noticed about Android is that you get updates for a handful of apps each day. I like seeing there is active development on the apps I'm using, but I can't see the need for such frequent updates. I would even consider it somewhat inappropriate for this type of system, because the majority of users will be automatically updated over low-capped data sources (eg: cellular data).

I Dislike Google Tracking My Third-party Purchases

https://myaccount.google.com/payments-and-subscriptions is a record of everything you buy both through Google services (such as apps you've purchased on Google Play), and purchases outside of Google. It sources external purchase information from your Gmail emails and Google assistant interactions.

The Way Art Works

The way art works is you create a whole bunch of embarrassing crap, but in doing so you slowly earn the skills to make something good.
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