How To Fix The Shared Folder Permission Issue In VirtualBox With Debian Guest

After installing Guest Addons in Debian, and setting up a shared folder in VirtualBox the shared folder doesn't work. It gives a permission issue. This is because your user is not a member of the vboxsf group which is required to access the shared folders. To solve this just add your user to that group.

1. Login as root, and open the terminal emulator.
2. Type: "/usr/sbin/usermod -aG vboxsf user1". Replace "user1" with your username.
3. Reboot the virtual machine.

- Tested with VirtualBox 6.0, and Debian 10 AMD64 using XFCE desktop environment.
- You must type the entire path for the usermod command, or you will get a "not found" error.

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