Ritchey Web Counter

Ritchey Web Counter is a statistics CMS (Content Management System) which allows users to request inclusion in the count by visiting a URL. It records the user's IP, and the date and time of the visit. It is provided under the Comprehensible Open License 3.0.

Download Links (0.182 Testing): https://mega.nz/#!4UUQhAoQ!UswraiDnKaPtRshp8CjSZVb8YhKMSG4xDG5esZLsxKI
Download Links (0.166 Testing): https://mega.nz/#!FEd0ACbR!uTav3DoPZBHapEjgql15NjFvtKTRswPF59eXNF0IcGE
Download Links (0.143 Testing): https://mega.nz/#!hc1mwYZZ!CYFqCpYt9GaF-Kd7RfbPCUvkazg6ajXfwPr3ILPR9hw

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