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Listening To Music

Me: *listening to music*

NSA: "Jesus fuck this guy has great taste."

What Devs Say And Don't Say

What Devs Say: By forcing our users to update we ensure they're protected against the latest security flaws.

MRW An Application Tries To Force Updates

Program: I know you don't want me to update, but I'm forcing you to update, because I know what's best for you.

The Linux Legend

Legend says that when you get fed up with Windows,

Configure Mozilla Firefox To Not Automatically Check For Updates

This is an "Incomplete" release which, means it is unfinished, and may not have been tested. It is provided for research purposes only. Do not attempt to use it as is! There could be unrecoverable consequences. You have been warned.
Mozilla Firefox no longer includes an option in the preferences area to disable automatically checking for updates. You can still achieve this by disabling the update service in about:config.

Configure Trusted Recursive Resolver In Mozilla Firefox

T.R.R. (Trusted Recursive Resolver) is a new feature in Mozilla Firefox which provides DNS over HTTPS (aka DNS Queries over HTTPS and abbreviated as "DoH"). This allows Mozilla Firefox to have it's own DNS settings rather than

Setup Lubuntu 18.04 AMD64 As A LAMP

LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) is an acronym used to refer to a linux webserver

Create A Data ISO With Xorriso On Debian 9.0.0 XFCE AMD64

Create Data ISO Containing Contents Of A Directory:
1. In terminal type "cd '/directory2' && xorriso -dev '/directory1/file1.iso' -add './' && cd -".

Boot Debian 8.6.0 AMD64 LXDE When Grub2 Presents Grub Shell, Because It Can't Find Grub Config File

This doesn't fix the issue, but it will allow you to boot the OS, so that you can fix the issue.

1. In Grub shell use "ls" to list drives, and browse them for your grub.cfg file (eg: "ls (hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub/grub.cfg").

Ritchey Password Pre-salter


Ritchey Password Pre-salter is a password pre-salter. A password pre-salter is a tool which

Ritchey PHP Application Template

Ritchey PHP Application Template is a template I use for creating PHP applications as I use alot of the same stuff over and over.

Ritchey Create Image From Random Data

screen shot
Ritchey Create Image From Random Data is a web application for generating images from random data.
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