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Bee Movie Alternative Description

When a women and a bee form an unlikely relationship, producers realize they're getting dangerously close to making a children's movie about bestiality

Listening To Music

Me: *listening to music*

NSA: "Jesus fuck this guy has great taste."

Take A Deep Breath Description

Take A Deep Breath is an internet meme consisting of a portrait of actress Kelly J. Seo. The image originated from

First Time Description

First Time is an internet meme derived from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (a western movie). It is used to

You Know You're Tired When

You know you're tired when you try to move a bunch of files into


Still saying YOLO even though it's 2018.

Windows 10 And Start Icons

Me: *Opens start menu*
Me: Where are my icons?

Windows 10 And Sleep

Me: Wake up Windows 10. I want to use my computer.
Windows 10: Oooooouuuuuuummmmmmmgggggg. 5 more minutes.

Windows 10 And OneDrive

Me: Don't start OneDrive at startup.
Windows 10: Okay :).

Spring Scales

Apparently spring scales don't measure how awesome a season it's gonna be.

Sneezing While Driving

Sneezing while you're driving is terrifying.

One Of Those Days

I'm having one of those days where my toes magically

OkCupid Matches

I got matched with an icecream cone today on OkCupid. Their

Many Worlds Interpretation

If Hugh Everette's many-worlds interpretation is correct then somewhere out there a pre-teen Samuel Elliott is


When I was young emoji were simple. Now

Car Sunvisor

Being too tall for the sun visor in a car is the most annoying thing ever.

Beauty And The Beast 2018 Edition

Beauty And The Beast 2018 edition: A naive and nerdy young girl falls in love with GNU software
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