How To Enable Stereo Mix In Windows 10

- Open the Control Panel (not to be confused with "Settings"), click "Hardware and Sound", in the Sound section click "Manage audio devices".
- In the Sound pop-up click on the "Recording" tab, right-click, and select "show disabled devices".
- At this point "Stereo Mix" should be listed if it's supported by your sound card driver. Right click on "Stereo Mix", and choose "Enable".

Diving At Perdon Lake August 25 2019

Jedi Buttdial - Tweet

Jedi Buttdial

Imagine being a Jedi, accidentally "butt-dialing" your lightscaber, and it cuts off your god damn leg.

My Favourite Chips Y2019M82D21

A list of my favourite chips, in order.

- Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips
- Doritos Nachos

My Favourite Shows Y2019M8D21

A list of my favourite shows. The list is not in any particular order, because it would be near impossible to decide.

- Numb3rs
- Star Trek: Voyager
- Lost

My Favourite Movies Y2019M8D21

This is a list of my favourite movies. It is not in any particular order. I had enough trouble just putting the list together period so, ranking them just isn't going to happen.

- Dragonfly
- Pride & Prejudice

9/11 Rescue Dogs - Tweet

9/11 Rescue Dogs

I recently read a post about rescue dogs during 9/11 finding so few survivors alive that it hurt their confidence. To make the dogs feel better rescue workers would hide in the wreckage, and pretend to be found. Most people would have been touched by this post, but I was too distracted by the photo of a resuce worker wearing a breathing mask, and a dog with no protection. A quick internet search points out that while protection does to some extent exist for dogs, resuce dogs can't wear masks, because they need their nose to smell for survivors. If you need a mask, you've got no business bringing a dog in there, because the dog doesn't understand the risk it's taking. It's animal abuse, period, and some of these dogs have died as a result.
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