Christopher Robin Review

Christopher Robin has a great premise, and a worthy message. However the implemenation re-imagines the characters somewhat compared to past Disney films in both a physical sense, and in terms of their personalities.

Does the Dell Precision T5500 support 144GB of RAM?

According to the manual the Dell Precision T5500 supports a maximum of 72GB of RAM, but this machine was released before 16GB dimms existed. The 72GB max is from using nine 8GB dimms. The manual does hint, in a statement about dimm height, that 16GB dimms may work in the system, when released. This raises the question, if two CPUs are installed and they support 144GB of RAM, would this machine work with greater than 72GB of RAM? Could it be maxed out with nine 16GB dimms to 144GB of RAM?

Searched For RAM On Kijiji - Tweet

Searched For RAM On Kijiji

Searched for RAM on Kijiji for my PC, and now I keep getting recommended sheep ads.

Are We Ever Going To Address The Fact - Tweet

Are We Ever Going To Address The Fact

Are we ever going to address the fact that Franklin (the turtle who could tie his shoes and count by twos) lived in a nudist colony hidden deep in the woods?

My Favourite Movies Y2019M7D2

This is a list of my favourite movies. It is not in any particular order. I had enough trouble just putting the list together period so, ranking them just isn't going to happen.

  • Dragonfly
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • The Village

Using Certbot To Create And Manage Manual Certificates Y2019M6D26

These steps cover creating, renewing, and deleting manual certificates with Certbot. The certificates are from LetsEncrypt which, is a free certificate authority. Manual certificates are used when you need to generate a certificate on one machine, and then transfer the certificate to your webserver. The process must be repeated each time you change your certificate.

List All Certificates:
- In terminal type "sudo certbot certificates".
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